click upper right corner of images to enlarge   WILD CHILD  -written & illustrated by  Steven Salerno , published by Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2015.    "Forceful writing and the improbable gracefulness Salerno bestows on this kicking, biting, punching machine makes this a furiously fun read."    -Publishers Weekly   The jungle animals have their lives turned upside down when the most terrible and fearsome creature of all shows up one day... the  Wild Child!  In order to bring peace back to their jungle they must figure out a way to calm this wild thing... and quickly!
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge   Coco the Carrot  -written & illustrated by  Steven Salerno  published by Marshall Cavendish Books for Children, 2005.    "Salerno's elegant graphics recall Jean Cocteau's pen-and-ink caricatures or the fashion-magazine style of Chelsey McLaren. The frills and loop-de-loops of his curvaceous lines complement the extravagant absurdity of the characters and plot twists."  -Publishers Weekly   Coco is a curious carrot who escapes from her cold, cramped vegetable bin with a desire to explore the outside world... and eventually makes her way to Paris where she becomes a famous hat designer. Along the way she is befriended by a loyal monkey named Anton, and wins the admiration of hat wearers around the world.
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge   BOOM!  -written by Mary Lyn Ray & illustrated by  Steven Salerno  published by Hyperion Books/Disney, 2013.    "Illustrator Salerno creates a breezy, retro feel reminiscent of classic Curious George illustrations. Broad brush strokes and scratchy textures in a subdued palette convey energy and emotion as the storm approaches."  -Kirkus Reviews   Rosie is a small dog, but brave. Well, except when it comes to thunder and lightning... The first rumble and clap of thunder sends her cowering behind the furniture.
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge   Brothers at Bat  -written by Audrey Vernick & illustrated by  Steven Salerno  published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012    "A captivating story, impeccable layout, and glorious illustrations make this historical account an unqualified winner."    -New York Times Book Review   The true story of a New Jersey family with 16 children... and the 12 brothers formed a professional baseball team, competing in the 1930's, '40's, and '50's. In 1996 they were honored by the  Baseball Hall of Fame  as the longest playing all-brothers baseball team in history.   See a posting on Steven's blog on how the illustrations for this picture book were created.
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge   Go-Go Baby!  -written by Roxane Orgill & illustrated by  Steven Salerno , published by Marshall Cavendish Children's Books, 2004.    " is great fun to read aloud. Sinuous black lines- energetic, expressive, sophisticated- delineate Baby, her fellow travelers, and the big city folk they move among. Everybody knows a bundle of energy like Go-Go Baby."    -Childrens Literature   This energetic, curious baby is on constantly on the move... via stroller, bus, train, ship -and seemingly never,  ever  gets sleepy! Much to the exhaustion and frazzled nerves of big sis and mom!
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge   The Dirty Little Boy  -written by Margaret Wise Brown & illustrated by  Steven Salerno  published by Winslow Press, 2001.    "The simple, amusing story is a showcase for the large, vibrant illustrations that are both humorous and tender."  -Children's Literature   NOTE: famed author of  Goodnight Moon  originally wrote this story for Jack & Jill magazine in 1939 under the title,  How the Animals Took a Bath.  For this picture book edition it was renamed  The Dirty Little Boy  in cooperation with the Margaret Wise Brown Estate.  A small boy is instructed by his too busy mother to go outside and watch how the animals each take a bath to get clean. He follows orders, but manages to become so dirty in the process that in the end Mama must give him a bath, too.
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge   Little Tumbo  -written & illustrated by  Steven Salerno  published by Marshall Cavendish Children's Books, 2003.    " a retro style that pays homage to Ludwig Bemelmans and H.A. Rey... Filled with intrigue, bravery and triumph, this smartly served tale of adventure will likely engage young book lovers."    -Publishers Weekly   A young elephant has not yet developed the skill of trumpeting... his attempts are mere squeaks. One day he gets captured by a couple of shady hunters and taken far away from his family to be sold at the market. Tumbo must learn to TRUMPET, and quickly, if he ever wants to be reunited with his family again.   
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge    Chick Chuck  -written by Bill Martin Jr. & illustrated by  Steven Salerno  published by Winslow Press, 2000.    "...children are likely to be dazzled by the illustrations; it's a spectacular debut for Salerno."  -Kirkus Reviews   A Rooster named Chicken Chuck eats a blue seed and magically sprouts a large blue feather from the middle of his forehead, and in his mind making him totally unique. He becomes unbearably bossy with the other farmyard animals... until a trip the circus (sort of) open his eyes.
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge   Pantaloon  -written by Kathryn Jackson & illustrated by  Steven Salerno  published by Golden Books (Random House), 2010.    "Delicious! ...Salerno's lively and colorful new illustrations for a 1951 text show the adventures of Pantaloon, a poodle who can never get enough of those baked-and-iced things!"    -Kirkus Reviews   NOTE: This new version of  Pantaloon  is a remake of the popular 1951 Little Golden Books title of the same name, which originally was illustrated by Leonard Weisgard.  Pantaloon is a poodle with a sweet tooth, and when the Baker places a HELP WANTED sign in the bakery window he applies for the job... but things don't go well at all. However Pantaloon is  very  persistent! 
 click upper right corner of images to enlarge   19 Girls and Me  -written by Darcy Pattison & illustrated by  Steven Salerno , published by Philomel Books (Penguin Young Readers), 2006.    "Salerno's ink-and-watercolor illustrations are wonderfully imaginative. Through using the contrast of grayish hues for the school related pictures with the intense color burst of the recess illustrations, he conveys the uplifting sense of freedom the children experience when they surrender themselves to play."    -KIrkus Reviews   On the first day of Kindergarten John Hercules Po is startled to see his classmates are 19 girls! Through their imaginative recess adventures visiting the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China, the Amazon jungle, and even the moon, they all become 20 friends.